Replica Balenciaga Hyacinth Bags

Replica Balenciaga Hyacinth Bags Crispy and tough fabric, so the Balenciaga replica bag model looks simple, three-dimensional and atmosphere. Although only solid plus decorative decorative animal molds, this bag is still very low profile characteristics, so simple balenciaga is a more thorough beauty. 1: 1 must admit this is a really good fake skin, from the actual photo there is no original difference, touch soft and comfortable in hand and can be used enough. After a zipper withdrawn, you can see the leather sheet layer. When this zipper layer will not grab, and even such details can emulate wise.

This nail bag is mold carved, regardless of color, height, size, almost exactly the same. Balenciaga replica bag is very tough, even in damage to nail skin around the nail is not tilted. The body of this bag is decorated with clear lines between metal buckles, metal buckles with handles and body bag connections, overall feelings are very three-dimensional.