There is a saying that there is no old love to new love, its practicality in women’s bags is more appropriate, any thing in the moment to be spoiled, can not get rid of the next moment will become old love, but since you can not get rid of such a fate at least can make the pet longer. Yes, if you want to have such a bag at this moment, it is the right one.

About this Replica Gucci Handbags Dionysus GG Blooms Medium Shoulder Bag Pink model, I have to start with a regional mythology, perhaps this is the luxury set, why is it called Dionysus bag? Dionysus is the god of wine in Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus, born in the fire and grew up in the rain. He was the only god among the gods who had a mortal mother and eventually entered the Olympian fairyland. He created wine, which makes people forget their sorrows and wine gives them creativity. It was from Dionysus that the inspiration for the Dionysus bag was drawn.

Nietzsche once said.” The god Dionysus represents the wild, dreamy and intoxicating spirit combined with aesthetic ambiguity – in fact, life is like a work of art.” This unique detail was inspired by the design. A story from Dionysus. It is said that Bacchus, still a fresh young man, crossed the Tigris River with a beautiful young woman and met pirates on the way, so the god of wine turned into a tiger and scared away the pirates, and since then the mushroom fell in love with Dionysus and became his first love.

In addition to this unique design buckle, the most favorite is Dionysus embroidery design, launched a lot of versions, silk wrapped brass-colored fine line, so that a variety of animals and plants vividly presented in the replica bags handbag body, really It is beautiful. very stunning embroidery dragon fly Replica Gucci Bags Bacchus bag, chain term The structure design is the same, the appearance is double G canvas, the lining is suede.

Just as Dionysus can rule over the dead and bring them back to life, these insects and flowers and animals are brought to life. Some people say that Gucci is only re-embraced by the fashion world because of the Dionysus bag, a name that is still important.

Original Replica Gucci Handbags Bacchus bags also have several series, from the earliest canvas series, to suede, leather, embroidery, until more and more beautiful. First of all, the basic model, Gucci GG Supreme canvas series, the earliest Supreme canvas series is the classic print with a variety of colors of suede, 16 years also launched a wide shoulder strap, a few more handsome feeling. It is this most classic series that made Dionyson replica bags handbags popular overnight.

Replica Gucci bags Dionysian bags are beautiful, the style is beautiful, more beautiful, how beautiful? Then came the Gucci Blooms Print canvas geranium print series, after which new geranium elements were added. The early geranium pattern is only on the treasure cover, now there are many large areas of the pattern.

Colorful geranium print pattern is also popular, romantic atmosphere, reminiscent of the good old days. When it comes to the jeweled embroidery pattern series Bacchus, it is an unconventional and luxurious court design, and a perfect presentation of exquisite craftsmanship. This series is the most colorful series of Dengdian bags, but also the most favorite series of Mingyue. This large embroidery is really beautiful, delicate, vintage and special.

Fashion show, the stunning four-piece embroidery pattern Gucci Bacchus bag style, imaginative composition, and superb craftsmanship are fascinating and uncompromising fashion feast. Like a curtain on a stage, the blue flaps are all embroidered sequins. The designers who play with embroidery simply can’t stop the cheerful pace. The theme of each season is full of fun and decorative. Bags appear with various elements such as lace, sequins, beads and feathers all in one place.

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