Elegant and noble design, exquisite and high quality raw materials, coupled with fine hand-made, make Replica Goyard bags very distinctive. New canvas materials were introduced to meet the needs of visitors, making the crafts Goyard bags once again lead the manufacturing wave. goyard painted and tied on the fabric for the letter Y four-color steel stamp logo, becoming a well-known brand identity. The letter Y carries many meanings.

The production of the Y logo pattern shows the craftsmanship of Replica Goyard Handbags. After the canvas surface coating process is completed, the movable craftsman, through a small square plate, dots on the fabric with the steel print, and each hand-painted fabric springs up with its unique, exquisite and elegant artistic features, which can be done exactly the same with the high imitation of the real product at a time when imitation bags are becoming increasingly mainstream.

The exterior of the bag is waterproof coated canvas and spliced leather, not easy to scratch, durable; sheepskin lining is a combination of yellow and leather, relatively soft, suitable for folding. compartments within the Goyard bag can also be divided into different kinds of daily necessities isolated, both beautiful and convenient. the Goyard bag is hand-painted, the fabric has some very fine small bumps, due to the characteristics of the linen is very thin, you can feel the Traces of handwriting; while the fake is machine-printed, the pattern is a cell copy. Black leather, its composition is black; and the other colors are white.

The leather is treated to make it easier to erase stains and more attractive. the Goyard Boeing bag is printed on classic coated canvas, a special material that gives the bag unparalleled portability and durability. The body of the Boeing duffel bag also breaks buckles to expand and increase the number of contents, and the leather handles can be adjusted in length to meet the needs of different travelers, classic and individual.

Goyard does not take into account the specific space, time when the resulting vacancy, highlighting the capacity of the original glove foldable suitcase. The suitcase is made of soft and wearable Goyardine canvas to show the delicate and clever art of folding, both stylish and practical, perfectly reproducing the essence of Goyard’s traditional handicraft.

Elegant, simple and restrained, the Goyard travel collection is a remarkable interpretation of the art of travel. A choice is also a way of life, a monk spirit, Goyard achievement classic, with you.

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