Fendi Baguette Micro Monster Bag Ginger

In recent years, “Tote Tote Tote” Micro-Replica Bag “, Fendi was also launched in the spring and summer of 2015 Micro Mini-Replica Bag Model Tote, will be led by Peekaboo and Baguette Reduced to miniature miniature miniature, so many launches Like people a variety of bright candy colors, you can put the phone or change, can also be hung on the bag while the rope. So “wow cards” and multi-purpose bags, does it really want to get into the bag?

How many Tote replica bags can a Tote replica bag? If you only use the usual eye to judge, guess it won’t be too outrageous, but today you might be miscalculated, the Fendi Baguette replica bag is an unusual bag. Baguette was launched in 1997, in the last ten years to become the most popular accessories, are many women in the world dream of lovers. Small and beautiful shape, simple, can be like French bread caught in the armpit, it’s also named Baguette.
Replica Fendi Law Bag Uette Bag at the beginning of the launch and no large selling, micro micro micro bag Ginger really made it fame is a fan of American favorite fashion “sex and city”. Carrie met the robbers to the replica tote bag, actually did not forget to improve: “This is not a bag, it’s Baguette (this isn’t a regular replica tote bag, this is a legal replica bag)!” Baguette and hence heat.

Then Replica Fendi Handbags Baguette added three sizes (mini baguette, micro baguette and double micro baguette) to meet the needs of different women to pursue a beautiful little need. Baguette can be described as complex bags, color ingenuity, materials and more decals than many people, each called artwork.

Until now, the Baguet part of the Fendi replica bag has reached thousands of surprisingly, which in less than 20 bags can be described as unique. Baguette crafts are very fine. Because of belief in traditional Italian crafts, Fendi from the beginning of the creation of traditional cultures from Rome to get inspiration. Attention to adjust, and deliberately highlight the characteristics of the needle, which has become an important indicator of Fendi products.

Sinking the replica fendi bag today continues to be known for its extraordinary work and maintains traditional culture of “labor”. This and similar Baguette Legal Sticks are in a manual environment by craftsmen of a straight line sewing needle.

Silvia Venturini’s replica fendi bag, Baguette’s head designer, once said that among all the many, I was asked to design a unique and simple and practical handbag. In a certain sense, I have to take into account technology and simplicity, like this era. My response is (fortunately, I am a Maverick) Baguette: This is my betrayal of all requirements. Has achieved unexpected success, becoming the hottest product in the world.

Geometric lines are simple and practical and rich. Simple and fun forms on the eyes, colors, materials and diecals of the pattern of ingenuity. It breaks a traditional handbag that doesn’t want, but the design focus is not to make identity symbols. Baguette touches the mind of a woman and makes them love and hate. Silvia Fendi named Baguette for a handbag, because it’s small and slim, trapped in warm and beautiful arms, reminiscent of the temperament of French women, wrapped in a replica replica french bag out of the bakery, and therefore actually called “law stick pack”.
Baguette and other IT bags were very different, the latter wanted to follow it into a hot boutique, but after a few months after it was introduced to end calmly, it became an old-worn item. Instead, Baguette is a timeless mode logo, the image is always new. This bag line is very simple, so designers are in material, color and decal decorating brave innovation. Baguette materials include crocodile skin, leather lizards, denim, hair skin, horse leather, decorative pieces, including pearls,

Dingzhu, flash tablet, gold line, etc., interesting unlimited, difficult to refuse. Celebrity fans of Celebrity Baguette countless, such as Madonna, Paint Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones and other big names.

This makes women in a classic modern rush, a quarterly also has new creation available, and is well received. Because Baguette is the first hand bag that is considered clothing, the design concept evolves towards various sizes. Today, women can choose various baguette sizes: small, medium, large, increasing. Each shoulder strap can be removed, easy to use as a handbag, and large and extra large with a long shoulder strap can lean back. In the past, jewelry from a “expensive” handbag was limited to matching evening dresses, style and colorful baguette to create a precedent to break this rigid rule.

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