Replica BVLGARI Bags The latest SEPRENTI leather and accessories collection features stars, polka dots, geometric shapes, nesting studs and colorful colors. And invited the brand’s new spokesperson Bella Hadid to interpret the infinite charm brought to the fall and winter of 2017, showing BVLGARI’s fashion charm under the lens of teacher Terry Richardson.

Replica Bvlgari Handbags Serpenti GM bag calfskin series of handbags and glasses in ruby wine, forest emerald green flax agate color, volcanic opal, quartz pink and brilliant tourmaline gorgeous.

Serpenti Forever collection of white onyx star decorated calfskin clamshell shoulder bag, Baosen pattern polished with perfect craftsmanship in semicircle, diamond and triangle with star-shaped nails, completely natural. The exquisite clutch leather features clashing colors and metallic accessories, which is elegant and noble while still being lively and pretty. A wonderful design was also used to bring the Italian-inspired Serpenti collection of sunglasses, with clever geometric elements forming a perfectly round frame and laser engraved hexagonal patterns expressing the natural beauty of snake scales, filling an elegant Roman holiday style.

Serpenti has always been a symbol of “seduction”. It can be traced back to Dionysus and Asclepius, the god of healing in Greek mythology. Asclepius was revered as the god of medicine and was represented by the symbol hovering over the cane of the serpent. Thus, the snake was always thought to symbolize rebirth, sexuality and healing, as well as the energy released from the depths of the land.

Throughout history, the mysterious snake has been motivated by words such as seduction and wisdom, and has become an important inspiration for jewelry design. Also filled with the fantasy of ancient Greek mythology, Replica Bvlgari Handbags Serpenti is comparable to the protagonist of Gucci Dionysus for a long time!

The distinctive gemstone colors are the signature feature of Replica Bvlgari handbags. Since the 1950s, Bvlgari has started a revolution in diamond-based color. As the Italian style became more subtle and bolder, the Serpenti collection added classic elements to the snake’s head, and the Serpenti forever bag naturally became the new classic of the Serpenti collection, with even more magnificent and infinite charm.

Bright gemstone colors, clever jewelry materials with, Serpenti forever handbags easily brush the screen. Although there are numerous trapeze bags in the market, Serpenti forever can be captured.

Zhang Ziyi is a big fan of Serpenti series. Not only will I attend events will wear snake jewelry, suits and eventually Serpenti forever handbag figure. The whole set of shades are deliberately matched for water snake skin Serpenti, showing the extent of its love. The American actress Maggie Gyllenhaal who has the power “theater” is also a fan of Serpenti forever. It is the red atmosphere, more set off the small figure, more in line with Maggie’s literary temperament.

The snake print model is the most popular of the green single chain models. Italian actress Carolina Crencini, “Snow White” Lily Collins, “Vampire” Ian’s twilight wife Nikki Reed, and famous Hollywood hottie Jessica Alba, all bowed down under this mysterious “green”. Paired with small black evening dresses, luxurious furs, everyday biker jackets and jeans, Serpenti can always hold it perfectly.

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