Replica Celine Medium 16 Bag in Satinated Calfskin

Who doesn’t love classy handbags? Every woman is the happiest when she gets her hand on a fantastic handbag, which not only suits her personality but also is suitable for everyday use. Getting a luxury brand bag is not easy on pockets. But every woman wishes to have the sleek and elegant handbags by the brands.

Do not worry if you cannot spend huge bucks on luxury brands. We have Replica Celine Bag as good as original branded bags in the market, which one can buy to fulfill the wish of getting the design of a luxury brand.

Celine is a fantastic brand with some amazing minimalist bags. Celine medium 16 bag is one of a kind and a bag that has its own charm in its simplicity.

Key Features

●Celine bag medium is a beautiful bag crafted in calfskin.
●It has two options to carry as it has two leather handles on top along with an optional shoulder strap to attach.
●The Celine medium 16 bag closes with a flap and twist lock.
●It has an outer flat pocket beneath the flap.
Celine medium bag has a Celine padlock along with a leather key cover.
●The inner lining of the Celine medium 16 bag is 100% lambskin. All the metal on Celine medium 16 is gold metal hardware.

●It has two internal compartments.
●The Celine medium bag has an inner central zipped pocket and an inner flat pocket.
●The replica bag base also has protective studs on the base.
●Measurements Of Celine Medium 16 Bag are: height of the Celine medium 16 bag is 9.75 inches ,base length is 12 inches, the width is 4.5 inches and the depth of Celine medium 16 is 5.1 inches.
●The weight of the Celine medium 16 bag is 1.235kg.
●Available Colors Of Celine Medium 16 Bags:

The elegant Celine medium 16 bag comes in ten beautiful different colors.
2-Dark Blue
6-Light Burgundy

●The Celine medium 16 bag comes along with five items.

1-Leather shoulder straps.
2-One lock.
3-Two keys.
4-Dust bag.

If you have not yet, then invest your savings on this premium bag Celine medium 16 to add elegance to your look and attract everyone’s attention. Also, if spending a significant amount on this bag is not an option, then look for the replica Celine medium 16 bag available to add that sparkle in your look.

Replica Burberry Monogram Motif Leather Bucket Bag

Women worldwide enjoy having a collection of handbags. From high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry to affordable brands such as Coach and Marc Jacobs, women use different styles of bags in their daily lives. Burberry Monogram Motif Leather Buckle Bag is the latest release from the brand Burberry.

With the Replica Burberry Handbag, the brand took a take on their classic handbags by incorporating their monogram on a bucket bag. Previously Burberry only used to make handbags. But due to the latest trend of bucket bags, Burberry also added leather bucket bags to their collection, and the Burberry Monogram Motif Bucket Bag is one of them.

Key Features:

  • An outer layer made from pure calf leather, the Burberry Monogram Motif Bucket Bag’s outer layer is pure leather.
  • The lining of the bag is 71%cotton with 29% polyamide.
  • The drawstring accessory has the Burberry Monogram embezzled on the top of the purse.
  • The Burberry Monogram Motif Bucket Bag comes from Italy.
  • The Burberry Monogram has a gold-tone to it.
  • Probably the most noticeable feature of the bag is that it is very carryable. One can experiment by using either the single top handle or use the detachable shoulder strap.
  • The Burberry Monogram Motif Bucket Bag has a drawstring closing method and a magnetic fastening to keep your valuables safely.
  • The drawstring bag comes only in one color, and that is black.
  • The Replica Burberry Bag comes in more than one color.
  • One can tell that the bag is a replica by the cost of it as compared to the original Burberry Monogram Motif Bucket Bag costs for HK$10,000, according to
  • Replica Burberry Monogram Motif Bucket Bag gets made from cheap quality leather or even fake leather depending on the drawstring accessory’s cost.
  • The real bag has the following dimensions: depth measuring 16 centimeters, the height of 15 centimeters, the width measuring 17.5 centimeters, the single handle measures 8.5 centimeters, and the long shoulder strap measures 53 centimeters.
  • The Replica Burberry Monogram Motif Bucket Bag has different measurements for every part of the bag from the original one.
  • Lastly, the Burberry Monogram on the bucket bag’s replica has a rather bronze tone to it instead of gold-like in the original.