Givenchy Horizon Medium Leather Satchel Bag Caramel

Replica Givenchy Bags 2020 fall/winter release of Horizon handbags buy sister first look to see very much like, very recognizable, never seen the boxy design. Simple but very design sense of the bag, the shape is square and hard, the lines are dry and smooth. If you like hard bags, then you should fall in love with the Horizon seconds. In the practical Pandora and Antigona, design director Riccardo Tisci designed the rough cross-section into simple lines (buy sister’s understanding is to tie a wide belt to the square handbag), out of such a calm and atmospheric new handbag. Yes, it is very modern.

Horizon comes with a 10-meter aura, domineering, very suitable for capable female bosses, workplace women. Fine imitation Givenchy horizon bag caramel color feel the group model that carries the horizon aura. Now there is already a large number of fashionable people began to support, the horizon line to become the hottest It166 in the second half of 2016 is not a problem, so the girls buy it early. For petite girls, small and mini, enough to meet the needs of the daily street, you can refer to the baby and Amanda.
Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2016 women’s conference, the bag horizon that first appeared in the show once attracted the attention of countless people, is about to be unveiled. The launch was both a summary of a decade of Givenchy by creative director Riccardo Tisci and marked a new beginning, while the name Horizon implies a broad vision of the future and conveys a positive and positive energy. An inspired design, a new masterpiece, the Horizon handbag continues the consistent elegance and aesthetic style of Givenchy handbags, with simple and neat lines outlining a very geometric spatial silhouette. The wide strap design on the simple and clear silhouette is also the use of the Bauhaus style, increasing the recognition of the bag and embellishing the overall modern style.

Whether it is paired with a finely tailored blazer or a modern street casual sweater, it echoes the Horizon bag perfectly and is full of elegance. Mini Horizon Debuts, the new mini size Horizon is now available in handheld crossbody to meet the different styling needs of elite women for evening and tuxedo wear. At the same time, diverse variations in colors and textures are made to be fascinating. In addition to incorporating Riccardo Tisici’s signature black elements, the collection also boldly introduces a variety of vibrant colors to set the trend for fall and winter color combinations, using different leathers to match each other to show the brand’s consistent beauty of clashing designs. The clever combination of color and texture allows Horizon bags to derive infinite variations: whether it is burgundy suede, green crocodile or rice grain leather, all distinctive in style and eye-catching. Replica Givenchy Handbags The new Horizon series bags are now available nationwide in a selection of boutique sincere. Click “Read the original article” to check your Givenchy boutique and choose your own Horizon bag.

At first glance, much like Saint Laurent’s Sac De Jour, but without the organ design, Fan is a square commuter handbag like this, put the file will not rub bad, put small items can also HORIZON has a variety of colors, a variety of leather, including matte leather, suede, crocodile part, the size of three. The design is simple, angular, even if the price is higher, you wear again charming, you can change handsome for a second “attack.” The small size looks more practical, should be a variety of height and figure are very suitable, very simple, so with clothes casual wear are not pressure, with denim is also very handsome.

Amanda Seyfried is also a fan of this tote bag, with clean, square lines and a simple design without losing its delicate texture. There are two sizes and a variety of materials to choose from, which is very flattering. celine dion carry out is this, the large size is suitable for commuting, and the small size is also very cute for shopping. This bag takes the sunset over the Hudson River in New York as its creative source. Correcting the standard strap on the body of the handbag, it blends the strength of a man with the elegance of a woman.

Replica GIVENCHY Mystic Medium Tote Bag Black

Replica givenchy handbags a new collection of high-end mystic bags. The debut in the initial series of early 2019, the Mystic series bag was inspired by the Haute Couture series made by the art director of Clare Waight Keller, which has an elegant and elegant silhouette.

Givenchy Mystic Tote Tote Bag This replica Givenchy Bags Mystic Medium Tote Bag Black Tote Bag comes from Givenchy. Design details: detachable and adjustable shoulder straps, grip at the top, snap-in closure with flap, main layer default, built-in patch pocket, rear patch bag, and rear patch pocket pocket.
Continuing the style of the elegant art director Clare Waight Keller, a mystical replica bag combines soft texture with beautiful detail to serve elegant texture and extreme expertise. Cover shaped v simple and body sculpture makes the mystical handbag interpret the temperament and introvert femininity which continues to be expressed by the brand, creating a high level elite temperament.

The new mystical replica givenchy replica handbag is simplified in the design, with a large body that is too large, and the simple shape is very flexible, which has become another important item for urban elite women.
In terms of material, mystic body is made of soft skin such as satin, shows high-grade matte gloss. The inner layer is made of more refined goat skin, gives the elegant woman a soft touch.

Handmade mystical givenchy replica bag has gone through a number of boring processes such as handmade facial threads, hand hand-painted handbags, three-tier lamb leather laminated hands, cowhide, and fitting, which shows excellent comfort and the comfort is used. Abrasion resistance and complicated detail showed beautiful craftsmen skills.
Mystical bags also have a typical detail design, and semi-bright and semi-dark structures on fine gold buckles recognized: When a handbag is closed, double-g will look vaguely under the cover from outside the bag. Letter pattern; When the flip is opened, a complete picture of a square gold pattern in the buckle will be fully displayed.
Double double buckle Silky adds a clearer symbol for the temperament of mystical bags that are stuck and mysteriously. What’s more intimate is that the handbag has a large space in a bag, and a storage bag on the inside wall perfectly combines practicality and high-quality texture. The curved grip design is fitting with the human body, increasing the comfort of women using a handbag.